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“If we empower smallholder farmers to achieve their aspirations, they will do the heavy lifting of development themselves.”
Dr. Agnes Kalibata





Taking African Agriculture to the Next Level

We are a team of dedicated individuals focused on empowering the African smallholder farmer to succeed through innovative technological solutions. Based in Kenya, we design and develop technology that aims to solve some of the farmers major pain-points and boost their productivity.

Working Towards Realizing the Africa We Want.

Quality designs

We pay attention to even the minor details and ensure designs meet the required standards.

Quality Designs

Adapted to User's Needs



Quality Designs

We pay attention to even the minor details and ensure designs meet the required standards.

Adapted to User's Needs

The end-user's needs are some of the key factors that guide our designs.


Easy to use solutions.


We focus on improving the farmers' productivity and profitability.


Poultry Wise

An AI-ChatBot that provides useful and actionable insights to smallholder poultry farmers from a database of well-curated content to improve their productivity and profitability.

Bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to smallholder poultry farmers.

Mushroom Humidifier

Our mushroom humidifier ensures mushroom grow-rooms achieve the right humidity to ensure high mushroom productivity.

The humidifier operation can be customized depending on the farmer’s needs. We offer manually controlled, timer controlled and IoT(remote) controlled humidifiers.

Brooder Bora

Brooder Bora is a smart brooding controller that monitors and controls temperature and humidity inside poultry houses to ensure the provision of optimum chick brooding conditions.

The system also notifies the farmer of their farm's status through SMS alerts/alarms

You can collaborate with our talented team of engineers to develop your own tailor-made agri-tech solution to improve the productivity of your agricultural practice.

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